Amber has her own special place. Here the rope she loves to climb is hanging, and while she climbs she reflects about how her body and brain functions and why? Do hands and feet have their own memory? Or is it the mind deciding everything?

25 minutes of circus and text in a perfect blend. For children over 3 years and families.

Direction, script and text: Sverre Waage
Music: Nils Økland
Performer: Karoline Aamås (in Norwegian, Portuguese, English and Icelandic) or Viivi Roiha (in French and Finnish)

Amber (Bastard, original title) has toured in Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Portugal, Madagascar and Iceland. Translated into Finnish, French, Portuguese, English and Icelandic.

Amber can come with the circus tent, play the indoor version or site-specific in a park, forest – whereever it's possible to hang a rope safely minimum 5m over the ground. The audience gather close around the 3m in diameter performance space. Amber was originally created for our tiny circus tent and the circus performer Karoline Aamås.