As A Tiger In The Jungle

Tour dates 2019


A performance inspired by the lives and destiny of our performers Renu and Aman's experiences as rescued child circus slaves in India. But also from other Nepalese children being trafficked into slavery in Indian traditional circus. From 2002, when this was discovered, over 700 children have been discovered and rescued. Still between 1000 and 2000 children are believed to be kept in bonded labour in Indian traditional circuses.

In 2013 producer Ali Williams spent a year working as the Creative Director of Circus Kathmandu. Circus Kathmandu was a group of 13 young men and women who all were rescued from Indian circuses, including our performers, Renu and Aman.

Ali Williams invited director Sverre Waage to come to Kathmandu to meet the newly formed circus company. That was the start of a collaboration between Ali and Sverre, with the aim to build bridges between the developing circus environment in Kathmandu and the International community of performing art producers and programmers in UK, Norway and Europe.

The first achievement is the production and touring of As a Tiger in The Jungle, representing the international partnership of prize-winning director and play-writer Sverre Waage (Norway) and Ali Williams (Wales), co-founder and former artistic director of NofitState.

Ali and Sverre have been working with the two Nepalese circus artists, Renu and Aman, over the last three years. As a Tiger in The Jungle is a unique fusion of Asian and European performance, circus and music. Original music score composed by Per Zanussi.

With: Renu Ghalan Tamang (Nepal), Aman Tamang (Nepal) & Loan TP Hoang (Vietnam/Norway)

Text, Script and Direction: Sverre Waage (Norway)
Creative Producer: Ali Williams (Wales)
Music: Per Zanussi (Norway/Italy)
Musicians in studio: Halpreet Bansal (India/Norway), Sanskriti Shrestha (Nepal/Norway) & Per Zanussi (Norway/Italy)

Set - & Costume Design: Rhi Matthews (Wales)
Set - & Circus Rig Design: Tarn Aitken (England)
Light design: Leif LePage (France/Wales)
Assist choreography: Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn (Philippines/Norway) Assist circus skills: Mish Weaver (England)

Producers: Ali Williams (Wales) & Sverre Waage (Norway)

Funded by: Arts Council Norway, Arts Council Wales, FFLB, FFUK, Spenn, DTS/UD/

Supported by: nofitstate, Bærum Kulturhus, Pontio, PIT, Black E, Chora Chori Nepal, SAMPAD

Bloody marvellous. Bloody great.
— Gareth Clark Mr. & Mrs Clark Theatre Company, UK
As a Tiger in The Jungle is a production that shines with an inner fire.
— Katharine Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries, UK
As a Tiger in The Jungle is likely to have an unforgettable life-long profound effect on you.
— Tom Caldino, Theatre Reviews, UK