As A Tiger In The Jungle – Cirkus Xanti/Ali Williams Prod. (NO/UK)

As a Tiger in The Jungle ble produsert i Norge og Storbritannia sommeren 2017, med en suksessfull turné til sentrale spillesteder i London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bangor og Bristol i september og oktober.

Skilled and darkly shining fantasy of recovery, reclamation and stolen childhoods. Grittily beautiful, sad and brave. As a Tiger in The Jungle is a production that shines with an inner fire.
— Katharine Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries, UK
As a Tiger in The Jungle is likely to have an unforgettable life-long profound effect on you.
— Tom Caldino, Theatre Reviews, UK
As a Tiger in The Jungle is a beautiful piece, so clear and honest from the outset. I think it’s the most moving circus performance I’ve ever seen and certainly the most important. Bloody marvellous. Bloody great.
— Gareth Clark, Cardiff, UK

Varighet: 60 min
Billetter: 200,- og 150,-

Tirsdag 4.sept kl. 20:00
Onsdag 5.sept kl. 20:00