the circus village

The Circus Village, our mobil international festival and circus centre did the first pilot tour in 2007, and since 2009 The Circus Village has been rigged for 32 festivals from 2007-2018. Of that amount 2 of them have been ouside Norway: a Nordic Circus Village (Volcano Circus Festival) in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2013, and an EEA project Circus Village in Viseu, Portugal, in 2015. All together more than 430 festival days over these few years.

We create and produce festivals, performances, residencies, workshops, labs, community projects etc.

We lobby toward the local, regional and national government to include circus in their cultural agendas.

We take part in international networks for development in the field of production, creation and presentation of contemporary circus.

We can offer 6 circus tents for a mobile festival and circus centre with a total audience capacity of 1200 in our 4 circus tents for presenting and creating performances. Spaces also for residency, workshops, labs, seminars etc. Accommodation with kitchen available. We can also contribute with an artistic experience in creating and presenting new circus and contemporary circus since 1982, and knowledge of the history and theory of circus and contemporary circus in general, also as part of the general development of the modern performing art - live art and contemporary performing art in special.

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